Our Vision

To empower, to build, to be the bridge between people and countries, to draw closer, find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose and vision of KeepSpace.


Our Motto

To test, trial and improve with speed and efficiency for the benefit of everyone. Determination, perseverance and courage to challenge the status quo by giving more then anyone else in our sphere of influence.

The KeepSpace Story

How it all began with our Journey.

The Story about KeepSpace started up in May 2016, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginnings as a travel and decluttering service to a 3PL ecommerce fulfilment service and education platform. Founder Jesse Emia and Co-Founder Vien Emia understood the needs of nurturing and supporting the ecommerce community.

We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us on this journey about KeepSpace. We hope that the eCommerce community will continue to be a part of our story. The amazing team at KeepSpace, has always put Transparency, Integrity and Innovation at the core of their values. In those values we have below the highlighted achievements since our founding.

Oct 2016 – Launched!

As a regular attender of the Spacecubed community we had the privilege to share KeepSpace as a soft launches inside our presentation on how to to fairly divide equity amount early founders. This was received with a wonderful response from the community. To see this presentation it was shared on

Dec 2016 – West Tech Fest

We were invited to the West Tech fest to present KeepSpace to the start up and business community at Perth Town Hall. We had the pleasure to meet the Lord Mayor of Perth who praised us for our innovation towards the storage industry services.

Apr 2017 – Making Friends

KeepSpace is continuing to build multiple partnerships with a range of eCommerce stores within Perth that are doing amazing things.

We have been so grateful to be able to use our technology, skills and logistics to create the best synergy for our online ecommerce providers that are selling their goods across multiple platforms. We have increased our integration to also include Xero, and Big Commerce. 

June 2017 – API integration! 

Realising the importance of integration with exisiting systems we began developing a more robust and improved API integrating system that KeepSpace can continue to support our ecommerce users.  

With improving our API along with documentation available we will have greater access to supporting a larger range of users within eCommerce.

Aug 2017 – Past 500 Orders!

This has been an amazing achievement for us to now past 500 orders for KeepSpace!!

With our growing user base to who we have partnered with we have now completed 500 picked and packed orders that we have shipped out from our warehouse across Australia!

Oct 2017 – Sharing to the start up community.

Coming back to present Keep Space to the morning start up community to share about the growing success of Keep Space while sharing with ecommerce businesses how to best market their businesses to a group of targeted markets for their product demographic.

Mar 2018 – Amazon Australia.

We are happy to announce that we can successfully Integrate Amazon Australia into Keep Space allowing orders to enter our system and updates your Amazon account.

May 2018 – Past 5000 Orders!

Boom! 5000 orders in KeepSpace!!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us. Thank you so much for trusting us with your operations.

Aug 2018 – First Ecommerce Event!

For a long awaited request we brought the Users of KeepSpace together to share the good, the bad and the messy side of building an ecommerce business. This event of over 50 people had no holding backs, sharing the wins and the losses. Giving back the human side of this crazy world we call ecommerce. 

Sept 2018 – Past 10,000 Orders!

10,000 orders out from our KeepSpace Warehouse spaces!!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us. Thank you so much for trusting us with your operations.

Dec 2018 – Sharing Value.

As we are getting to know more and more businesses we realise the importance for informing them about the best practises and improvements to get their business organised for scale.

We had the pleasure to present about ecommerce order fulfilment, SKU management and importing and exporting to the ecommerce community. We also were able to share about the huge market size of China and get local ecommerce businesses excited about their amazing potential just north of where they are located.

Jan 2019 – Relocating Places.

We’re so pumped to share that we are relocating to our new premises as of the 2nd of January. We will be taking possession of a site location that is three times larger then our current placement and that will enable us to expand and grow substantially.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to manage some of the great ecommerce businesses growing out there today.

Mar 2019 – Past 20,000.

20,000 orders out from our KeepSpace Warehouse!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us and a big shout out to the team that shipped them out safely and securely.

May 2019 – Ecom Exp

With the growing community we have began running quarterly events all around ecommerce called the ecommerce experience

This is a partnership with Spacecubed where we are helping build and grow the ecommerce community here in Perth.

Jun 2019 – Overnight Shipping

Creating that WOW experience is critical, and nothing does it more than getting your parcel into the hands of customers next day across the nation.

We have now established the affordable ability to have our users products that are under 5kg into their customers hands next day all over Australia.

Jan 2020 – Version 3 Release

After months of hard work, we have finally finished version three which hold a range of new functions and abilities within our view platform to help ecommerce business make quick and effective decisions within their accounts along with a faster platform from where to roll out future functions.

e-commerce software on ipad

The Story Continues

The Faces of the Team

Meet our hard working team who’s making virtual physical storage a reality

Jesse Emia

Chief Executive Officer

10 years experience in entrepreneurship in three business prior to KeepSpace Jesse brings management, operation development, product development, website design/development, inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, and company development strategies. His passion to support ecommerce users to have their freedom and focus back is what drives him.

Vien Arief

Chief Operations Officer

Vien is the backbone of the company overseeing orders, account management, book keeping and customer service within the business. Vien's super power is her commercial administration and business operations skills managing her team in the KeepSpace warehouse ensuring that customer experience enquiries are covered at a high level between her and her team.

Ania Czekaj

Ruby Developer

The New Girl on the Rails. Ania brings a joy to the team and a fresh perspective to our development and design of or front end layouts. She is full of joy and life in helping us achieve our goals within KeepSpace with a sense of clarity within order fulfilment by exciting our UX designs.

Simon Bruno

Marketing Manager

Honesty, Passion, Hard work and Grit.

Simon Bruno is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

With a strong passion for digital marketing and small business growth and development, Simon has worked in the Perth small business scene to help further his knowledge of digital marketing concepts and to help various small businesses with marketing and business related tasks.

Simon has developed strong communication, organisation and leadership skills.

William Koo

Operations and Sales Support

The Swiss Army Knife of the Team. William brings a sense of flexibility to help across a range of areas within operations, sales, HR, social media and customer support. Our self proclaimed Ecommerce Wizard in the team, making KeepSpace that little more wonderful for him being able to support what needs to get done when the times get tough. His passion in supporting growing companies is insurmountable obvious and is the reason why he is the Swiss Army Knife within KeepSpace.

Adam Parsons

Front End Developer

Adam is a gun in software development as well as IT Management. With amazing UI and the latest technology along exciting advancements using the latest scientific research.

Core Values

Test out Everything

True innovation and problem solving call ourselves to test everything, despite our bias.

Beauty and Functionality

Good design. We’re thinking about people’s lifestyles as well as the surrounding systems we use in communication.

Be Transparent

Be open and honest. Transparency which will bring clarity to our team, our people and those we serve.

Keep Integrity

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Work hard no matter who is or is not looking.

Do things really well

The key to our success is to ensure we keep the abilities of our people in doing what they do really well.

Learning is key to Growth

Encourage learning, implementing, and reviewing. There is no such thing as ‘we have always done it this way’.

Embrace Change

Embrace change. Encourage it in ourselves and others. Drive it with determination and passion.

Be humble

Humility to one’s self gives strength to others. Don’t let our pride stop innovation or growth in a team.