The benefits of outsourcing your logistics

KeepSpace 3PL services help you empower your growth, manage your scale and automate your company.

Stage 1. Receive

What is Receiving?

Receiving is the process of us at KeepSpace cataloguing your inventory, uploading images into your space, barcoding, size checking and counting the amounts.

Barcode items

Each item is barcoded to be easily trackable once placed into our warehouse

Upload images

With our image capture and count its easier for recognition of your products to each order request

Measure in m3

Each item is given a volume metric which make its easier to keep track of storage space used

Multiple pack sizes drops costs

If you are able to give your inventory goods in large set sizes this speeds receive processing, which in turn drops the cost of receiving. For example if you have cases of beer, 24 Bottles in a case as 1 Item is quicker then 1 bottle as 1 item.

Stage 2. Storage

How Storage Works?

KeepSpace storage organised by the measuring of each store keeping unit (SKU) by its height, length and width to get its cubic meter volume or m3. This SKU m3 is then multiplied by the amount of the quantity that will be stored into your account and shown on your ‘Space page’ inside your free account.

How it is physically stored is by three methods. The individual SKU will be sealed inside on of our boxes, your cardboard box on our shelving, your pallet on our racking. No matter how it is physically stored, your only paying by the size of the packed SKUs


Boxed Storage is the placement of your goods inside our boxes that keep them contained and secure while waiting for distribution. Great for small items and packages


Shelved Storage is great for large boxes or barrels, cartons or crates of goods. This allows quick retrieval of these items to be distributed from their shelves to the customer.


Pallet storage is by far the largest and the slowest process of distribution, We only keep them in storage like this if its of excess weight or size otherwise we will break it down for quick retrievals.

Stage 3. View

Viewing Storage

Your KeepSpace account shows you a view of what you have in your warehouse space  so that you do not need to travel or count or check as its all done for you. Here at KeepSpace we help you focus on your business sales as we get it checked and out to your customers.

Inventory Count

Each Item is counted and is shown its numbers in stock at all times, helping you know what levels are at.

Clear Imagery

To have your warehouse like your online website store, to see your items like your customers do.


Knowing vital information such as volume counts, trends, order bulks and seasonal interests.

Stage 4. Orders

Organising Orders

KeepSpace order processing will get your stock that is in our warehouse out to your customers who have placed orders with you.

Email Orders

You can send us email orders that you receive from your customers and we will manually update your stock while fulfilling your request.

Online Manual

From KeepSpace you can place in a quick order placement from our platform to send out distribution effectively on customers requests.

Automate APIs

An API link from Woo Commerce or Shopify can send us orders directly from your online store automating the distribution process quickly.

What does API mean?

API (Application Program Interface) specifies how software components should interact. How these are helpful is like with ‘Google Maps’ API’s let developers embed Google Maps onto their webpages. How we will use API’s is by taking the data of an online order that has been completed from popular systems like ‘Woo Commerce’ or ‘Shopify’ to be pre-filled into our order booking forms that will not require manual filling. This will speed up the admin time needed to get orders out quickly to your customers from our warehouse.

Stage 5. Pick and Pack

Picking and Packing

KeepSpace’s pick and packing arrangements are a secure and safe way to ensure what is ordered is selected with out ID location software and our barcode verification scanning for the SKUs within your account.

Barcode Checked

Each barcode item is quickly checked to confirm that no item is taken from the shelf that is not in the order

We Grow with You

Our pick and pack solutions can grow with you as your eCommerce business product range grows.

Packaged Securely

Each item and goods are protected and secured safely from a range of boxes, satchels and bubble wrap.

Stage 6. Delivery

Same Day Shipping

Each Business Day each order that is received through our API integration before 12pm we pick / pack and dispatch with our carriers. Each order that is received after 12pm is shipped out the next business day. So on your site you can state that you still do same day shipping openly as we partner with you.

Delivery Shipping

KeepSpace use their volume of orders from all their partners to get the best priced shipping available for you from a range of leading dispatch couriers within Australia and overseas.

Large Range of Providers

With our multiple accounts with our courier partners we can find the best rates needed for your consignment orders to ensure not only the best economical options for your parcels but security that it will arrive to their destinations on time.

Email Status Notifications

As a free part of our service we send out automated email notifications informing your customers of the status of their delivery shipment.

We understand how important it is to keep your customers up to date on what stage their orders are at and we bring that peace of mind.

Stage 7. Support

All the Support you need

Our customer support team can liaise directly with the warehouse, IT, or management team to help you access all the information you need to build a successful eCommerce business.

Processing Status

We ensure that your orders coming and going are given to the minute updated status so you can control movements.

Available to you

KeepSpace staff are completely reachable through their the communications channel to discuss your needs.

Return Management

If there was an issue with a customer wishing to have an item returned we can arrange that for you.

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