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Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas is coming up soon! Have you already prepared for this busy ecommerce season?

If you have, brilliant! If not, you’d better hurry!

Here is a short and easy checklist for you to use so you can tell whether you missed something or not.

1. Prepare goods and staff

Order volumes usually increase during the busy holiday season. This is why it is crucial to prepare your stock and staff beforehand. Seeing the words ‘out of stock’ would be a bummer during the holidays, and getting a present late isn’t so jolly.

Here are some sub-points to take note of when preparing stocks and staff beforehand.

  1. Do order volume/SKU predictions.
  2. Communicate with suppliers about demand levels.
  3. Increase in-house staff or look for a 3PL to outsource fulfilment.

2. Make shopping easy and optimised

People are already busy enough with taking care of their last jobs of the year. Why should getting presents make people busy too? There are so many ways you can provide stress-free online shopping, so make sure to implement these ways.

This is a big list of sub-points for what you should do to provide the best shopping experience.

  1. .Brushing up your online store’s main page
    1. Prioritise mobile optimisation (90% of Aussies used their mobile phone to shop in 2020.)
    2. Follow the minimalistic style.
    3. Make it easy to navigate (especially for searching products, checking the cart, and checkout.)
  2. Add cart abandonment notifications for the customer to come back.
  3. Properly research and implement SEO for customers to find what they need.
  4. Implement AI technology to personalise the customer experience.
  5. Keep the checkout page in one page.
    1. Enable guest checkout.
    2. Offer several different payment methods that are safe and secure.
    3. Enable multi-recipient (works well with Christmas presents.)
    4. Enable shipping options (e.g. free vs. express)
    5. Be transparent about prices (no one likes hidden fees…)
    6. Provide shipping insurance.
  6. Layout a proper returns policy as well as a good management process.

3. Give a holiday surprise with packaging

Getting a new product is exciting. But the experience of seeing, touching and opening a pretty box or bag is also quite exhilarating. Can you evoke that emotion and leave a good memory inside your customer’s heart?

For starters, keep these 3 sub-points in mind for a great unboxing memory.

  1. Evoke the holiday/shopping spirit with festive designs.
  2. Prepare your own marketing material that represents your business.
  3. Use eco-friendly packaging to show your awareness of the environment.

4. Start content early

You might have so many ideas for what kind of content you want to release during the holiday season. Make sure that you plan it out and start early. After all, creating some of the best content can be time-consuming. Plus, consistency is important.

  1. Video is king (e.g. provide stories, instructions on how to use your product.)
  2. Schedule your posts and emails
  3. Prepare and distribute a holiday gift brochure (this is your chance to upsell, make bundles, provide discounts or thank your premium member.)

5. Make sure your website works

If your website doesn’t work, it’s the same as saying you haven’t opened the doors of your store yet. It would be too sad after you’ve done all of the supplying, marketing and hiring/outsourcing. Then you find out later that your website was down the whole time!

Make sure your website clears the following sub-points.

  1. Has high site speed;
  2. High security;
  3. High stability;
  4. High flexibility/bandwidth;
  5. Has no broken links; and
  6. Has the latest version of third-party integrations.


This checklist is more like a recap of what you should do to prepare for the ecommerce holiday season. So, have you:

  1. Prepared goods and staff;
  2. Made shopping easy and optimised;
  3. Prepared a holiday surprise with packaging;
  4. Started content planning and creating early; and
  5. Tested your website performance?

If there were some points that you have missed, don’t panic. There is still a bit more time for you to plan, make priorities and save your busy season!

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Lastly, we wish you a splendid ecommerce holiday!

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