Keep track of every unit with our fully transparent and integrated inventory management platform.

Manage Orders Anywhere Anytime

Live Inventory

See live stock levels for any product in KeepSpace.

Stock Replenishment

Top up your stock by making an inbound order.

Order Summary

View live updates on your orders


Make data driven decisions with order and SKU specific analytics and breakdowns

Here's a glimpse of our platform!

live inventory
SKU Search

Search for a specific SKU

SKU Movement Graph

Clearly see SKU movements in a graph layout.

SKU Movement breakdown

View information about the movements of your SKU.

Stock Replenishment
hotmap image showing stock replenishment
SKU Search

Select a SKU to inbound.

Select Quantity

Select the amount of product you wish to inbound.

Supplier details

Enter the details of where your product is coming from.

order summary
Order Search

Search for a specific order.

Order Summary

Check your order’s status with live status updates

Cost of Fulfilment Metrics

Get a full breakdown of pricing costs for your order.

Pricing Graph

Clearly see a margin breakdown for your order.

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