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Keep up with orders. Track how much stock you have available and receive notifications when you need to re-order.

Add orders your way.


Type in orders into Keep Space on our forms to send out distribution based on your customers requests.

API Auto

Link your store to our system and automatically direct your online orders to Keep Space.

What is an API?

API (Application Program Interface) specifies how software components should interact. How we use API’s is by taking the data of an online order that has been completed from popular systems like ‘Woo Commerce’ or ‘Shopify’ to be pre-filled into our order forms that will not require manual filling.

Manual to Auto

Nathan, founder of Butter Coffee shares on his experience of running his ecommerce fulfilment of his business himself to and the transition to a fulfilment service.

Nathan’s long term partnership with Keep Space ensures that he can trust that all of his orders are fully managed from the moment the order is generated to his customer’s door.

Listen to his story and discover more of the convenience that Nathan has today.

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