Episode 5

The Power of Data and PPC Advertising

Feat. Oliver Leeb Founder of 3am Ideas


Social Media & PPC Ads
Data is the New Oil
Comparing Platforms: Facebook
Comparing Platforms: Instagram
Comparing Platforms: Google Ads
SEO's Long Term Game
Essential SEO Tips
Wrap Up


Oliver runs a digital marketing agency for small businesses in Perth. He and his team went through the experimental learning process for social media and ads when they first came out. Let’s hear from their experience.

Simon and Oliver discussed the benefits of using PPC strategies. First, it is a quick and cheap way of doing your market research. It immediately provides data for you to analyse and make changes. Therefore, Oliver said that marketing nowadays is about test and measure.

After that stage, you will start recognising trends within your buyers. Oliver expanded the topic by saying, “the real money usually comes from retargeting”. If you look at how your existing buyers interacted with your company, you are looking at the data showing where your sales come from. Oliver especially recommended the retargeting tactic of abandoned cart reminders.

The topic then changed to comparing social media. According to Oliver, Facebook ads have a little challenge. It is not a platform where people go shopping. Therefore, you have to hijack their attention with a highly creative and engaging ad.

Oliver also mentioned another challenge for Australian ecommerce businesses. The local market is small. According to Australia Post, it is only 0.01% of the whole ecommerce market. Oliver recommended expanding to the UK market if you are struggling with the Australian market. The reason is that they are similar to Australians, but there are more people there.

Simon then asked about Instagram and Google Ads. Oliver said Instagram is showing a tremendous shift from a low conversion rate. The audience is young, but he suggested that their parent’s generation will eventually pick it up as well.
For Google Ads, Oliver said he is a big fan because it works with buyer intent. People are actively looking for a solution when they search on Google. If your product can provide a solution, there is a higher chance of conversion!

Oliver then made a warning that digital marketing is about creating value. Make sure your content is solid. Distribute it to about five or six points of contact so you can raise your brand’s awareness. Then, you can guide more people down the marketing funnel.

The last topic for this episode was SEO. Oliver commented that SEO is a long term game and should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. After a lot of effort optimising, you will be rewarded with free traffic and conversions! He finished this episode with several SEO tips.

  1. Have a solid backlink profile.
  2. Run Google Ads.
  3. Fill out your Google My Business profile.
  4. Create, create, create content.
  5. Optimise your webpage.

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