Episode 57

Marketing is a Bit like a Shortcut

Feat. Cam Sinclair Director of Ammo Marketing


How did he start Marketing?
Modern overflow of information
Wanting to help people grow their business
Developing the business model
After introducing the New Marketing Approaches
Playing with your Strengths
What is your Ideal Customer?
Working with Ecom Biz


Cam came from a marketing background. He awakened to its charm after experiencing its effect in real life. At the age of 17, he had the chance to work in advertising at his workplace at that time. His supervisor instructed him to use $150,000 on yellow pages, but Cam suggested using Google Ads instead. The results were incredible.

Cam said it was inspiring to see the entire process of a business, from product production to sales and distribution. He also picked up on the importance of website quality at this time.

With his knowledge of economics helping, Cam proceeded to the world of media advisory in politics. But after five years of campaigns, he wanted to do something different. Cam wanted to help businesses with his love of technology. It eventually led him to his current job in digital marketing.

Cam was initially disappointed to see many small businesses failing to use marketing and sales to grow their business. They knew that they needed to invest in marketing and sales. However, they didn’t know how to utilise them. For example, they would get a brand logo with some marketing materials. They also might get a website developed. Now, they have to figure out how to get customers to their website by themselves.

Cam got his idea to help early startups by identifying customers, figuring out how to reach potential customers and getting their early sales. After that, he would help them build a marketing/sales system. Plus, it will grow alongside their business. His early years as a digital marketing advisor were as a freelancer. He was still figuring out his business model.

Jesse then asked about the metrics from traditional advertising (e.g. radio, tv, billboards, etc.) Cam said traditional advertising was on a nebulous scale. It was a challenge to get segmented data about your audience. However, Cam said political campaigns were different. You do research and get metrics in the form of polls.

The topic went back to Cam’s business. It started to grow as he saw his clients get more customers. His first small team worked like a plug-in marketing team. They thought of cheap, easy, lightweight, and efficient methods for clients. It worked well. Cam and his initial team decided to grow this business model.

The team would teach newcomers about marketing approaches. The most significant one Cam taught was the AARRR pirate metrics. AARRR is an acronym for:

  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referral

Cam explained that this approach encourages you to think of the customer journey like a funnel. It also helps guide your decisions when developing a marketing tactic. It filters the many available marketing options.

After a short break, Jesse talked about the many marketing options. He shared his thoughts, saying he preferred vocal communication over reading or writing. Cam commented that you should play to your strengths. There is no need to do everything. Miles Burke is mentioned as a man who writes many quality blog posts. He plays to his strengths.

Jesse then asked for Ammo’s ideal customers. The initial answer was founders of innovative businesses. They also have to be ready to grow. However, Cam said there is a sweet spot in Ammo. Companies with a slightly different product. It is not trying to compete with any other products. Therefore, it has its unique challenges. Another sweet spot is in software and hardware.

Cam had also attempted an ecommerce business before. He learnt about the power of platforms such as Amazon and eBay. The challenge is to get your audience to move to your online store. Jesse asked if Cam had any other tips for ecommerce businesses. Cam shared his realisation that the returning customers are most valuable. They will likely take up the highest percentage of sales. Therefore, shape your emails or content based on your returning customers.

The two went back to the topic of ideal customers. Ecommerce businesses weren’t Cam’s favourite. It is because the objective of online stores is to sell their products repeatedly. Cam prefers to solve complex technical marketing problems. To him, selling products is not challenging enough. Cam also believes that niching down is crucial for a business. He said you will get forgotten if you are an all-mighty service provider. By niching down, you will be able to get closer to your target audience and provide better solutions. Thanks to this approach, Ammo is now known by many in its niche target audience.

Lastly, Jesse asked for Cam’s call to action for ecommerce businesses. He suggested using Ammo’s free internet tool on www.myfunnel.com.au. It will ask for details on your business, such as products or services. The algorithm will look at your information and provide a customised marketing funnel based on the pirate metrics. If you’re stuck with your marketing strategy, it is good to give it a shot.

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