Pricing and Payments Policy

This is an extension of the KeepSpace Terms and Conditions. This document outlines the privacy policy for new KeepSpace users. KeepSpace reserves the right to change or update the Privacy Policy for new users, or to offer promotional pricing to any users at any time.


1. Invoices released
KeepSpace Invoices are done in a weekly basis. Each weekly Monday, the total debt of services accumulated over the previous 7 day period prior to Monday, except storage, is calculated and invoiced for a rebalance to each users services requested. Storage is the only exception to which is paid in advance.

2. Storage and Integration Fees
In KeepSpace Invoices issued, storage and weekly integration fees, are placed in advance timeframes and not a lagging 7 day time period.

3. Invoice Breakdowns
Invoice breakdowns are done into 3 core groups. 1 Handling charges, 2 Shipping charges, and 3 Others.
3.1 Handling Charges
Handing Charges inside invoices mostly include but not limited to; all Inbound order breakdowns and processing, picks done of products, packing and moving of goods into orders to dispatch areas, ticket enquiries, barcoding of goods when none is found and urgent orders requests.
3.2 Shipping Charges
Shipping Charges inside invoices mostly include but not limited to; domestic shipping, international shipping, returns, and cross docking.
3.3 Admin and integration Charges
Admin and integration Charges inside invoices mostly include but not limited to; API charges, admin support, storage rates, late fees, missing orders, and quality checks.

4. Due period
Invoices will be issued Monday with a notice period of payment to be completed by the end of business Tuesday. KeepSpace gives a 1 day notice period requiring payment from the issue of the invoice.

“The main purpose of this is so that cashflow of work done and shippers paid ensures we are able to continue operating effectively”


1. Payments
As in KeepSpace Terms and Conditions payments are required to be completed on the +1 day after the KeepSpace invoice is released or on the Tuesday of a calendar week.

2. Service Merchant
In KeepSpace has partnered with a third party to safely and securely store users credit card details instead of being in KeepSpace data files.
KeepSpace will send card storing links and card update links from this third party to help capture and manage KeepSpace users financial options.

3. Sequence
On the due date of the invoice to be paid. KeepSpace has two processes it allows for payment to be accepted. The first is with the service merchant, the second is with via bank transfer.
3.1 First process
KeepSpace will access your stored card with the third party to request payment processing. Should the payment be deemed successful KeepSpace will record the transaction token to the invoice as proof of payment.
3.2 Second process
The second process option is only available to business that provide invoices that are over $2,000 in weekly invoicing.
KeepSpace will await for the User to provide the bank transfer (payment) receipt to the following email
KeepSpace will review their banking statement for all invoices paid via bank transfer from the User one business day (Wednesday) after the due date (Tuesday).
3.2.1 Should the user not have paid their invoice or not provide a receipt to the email  or any visual bank transfer to the exact amount of their invoice. KeepSpace will action the first process to complete the invoice payment only for that week. We will use the same third party provider holding your card on file to process your invoice.

4. Service Merchant Fees
KeepSpace partnered third party will have transaction fees that will be applied to the top of the invoice to ensure payment is processed successfully. To view these fees please see the details below:
4.1 Pricing:
Visa and MasterCard Domestic 1.5% + 30cents
Visa and MasterCard International 2.9% + 30cents
American Express Domestic 1.75% + 30cents
American Express International 2.9% + 30cents

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