Storage done Simple

Our storage is designed to scale with your ecommerce business and calculated in three simple steps.

photo of ashoe box showing how storage works


We keep storage simple. Whether its a T-shirt or a surfboard. Storage is based on the size on your product size not on any pallet or shelf size.


We operate on a cubic storage arrangement where storage is calculated on the dimensions of your products.  To figure out your cubic measurement simply multiply   Height x Length x Width for your product.

(H = 0.08m) x (L = 0.16m) x (W = 0.28m) =  0.0035m3 

an image showing how storage is calculated
photo of two boxes


To keep storage simple and to save you more. We multiply the cubic measurement based on the amount of product you have in storage. The more you ship the more you save.

0.0035m3 x 50 units = 0.1792m3

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Storage Space Calculated

Your storage levels are calculated and shown on our KeepSpace platform, along with all the other neccessary data needed to grow and manage your e-commerce store.

Your summary page gives you a snapshot of how your e-commerce business is performing.
Your real time storage levels are displayed here.