Full Inventory Control

Our platform allows you to organise your products into SKU base, carton and pallet sizes. Giving you full control over how you sell and store your products.

Unit Measurements

SKU Base

Refers to your product on a per unit level. 

SKU Carton

Refers to the number of cartons if a specific SKU. 

SKU Pallet

Refers to the number of full pallets used to store a particular SKU. 

sku base product

Base Product

SKU base refers to your product on a per-unit level. For example, 3 cartons of 12 = 36 on the SKU base level.

SKU base is the easiest way to see how many units of each product you have in stock.

Carton Sizing

SKU carton refers to how many cartons of a specific SKU are available for dispatch. This metric is useful if you sell a product individually or as a carton.

description under heading "Carton sizing"
palletisation and storage

Pallet Sizing

To keep storage simple and to save you more. We multiply the cubic measurement based on the amount of product you have in storage. The more you ship the more you save.

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