Packing Policy

This version 1.1 dated 8th November 2019 is an extension of the KeepSpace Terms and Conditions. This document outlines the Prepping Policy for KeepSpace users. KeepSpace reserves the right to update the Packing Policy for users, or to offer promotional pricing to any users at any time.

1. Packing volume

When contributing to the correct packaging of each order. The total cubic volume will be collected and decided against the padded bags, satchels and box sizes we stock to choose from and to pick for use in preparing your goods for shipment.
The size of boxes and satchels we use hold the following volume levels to which we utilise for managing which is best for dispatch, below is a portion of some of our sizes:
Small Padded bags – 0.18mL x 0.12mW x 0.05mH = 0.00108m3
Satchel 1kg – 0.37mL x 0.22mW x 0.1mH = 0.00814m3
Box Small – 0.22mL x 0.11mW x 0.11mH = 0.002662m3
Box Medium – 0.43mL x 0.32mW x 0.31mH = 0.042656m3
Box Large – 0.64mL x 0.34mW x 0.35mH = 0.07616m3
These volume levels will be utilised to help in knowing what’s the best calculation to ship your orders with.

2. Pricing on boxing multiples

In larger shipments (above 0.01m3) may require multiple boxes to complete the packing process. 
If there is an order of SKUs that has a total of 0.2139m3 then a multiple of boxes will be used for the process of preparing for shipment of the order.
In this case of ensuring that the correct volume is best implemented a combination of large and medium boxes will be used.
With large boxes holding a volume of 0.07616m3 using 2 will total 0.15232m3 leaving the remaining 0.06158m3. With the remaining not being able to fit into a medium box a 3rd large box will be utilised with an excess of 0.01458m3
For this total of 3 large boxes for this order will be then charged as the manual handling process along with all material, labour and processing.

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