KeepSpace Journey

How it all began in KeepSpace

The Story about KeepSpace started up in May 2016, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From our beginnings as a travel and decluttering service to a 3PL ecommerce fulfilment service and education platform. Founder Jesse Emia and Co-Founder Vien Emia understood the needs of nurturing and supporting the ecommerce community.

We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us on this journey about KeepSpace. We hope that the eCommerce community will continue to be a part of our story. The amazing team at KeepSpace, has always put Transparency, Integrity and Innovation at the core of their values. In those values we have below the highlighted achievements since our founding.

Oct 2016 – Launched!

As a regular attender of the Spacecubed community we had the privilege to share KeepSpace as a soft launches inside our presentation on how to to fairly divide equity amount early founders. This was received with a wonderful response from the community. To see this presentation it was shared on

Dec 2016 – West Tech Fest

We were invited to the West Tech fest to present KeepSpace to the start up and business community at Perth Town Hall. We had the pleasure to meet the Lord Mayor of Perth who praised us for our innovation towards the storage industry services.

Apr 2017 – Making Friends

KeepSpace is continuing to build multiple partnerships with a range of eCommerce stores within Perth that are doing amazing things.

We have been so grateful to be able to use our technology, skills and logistics to create the best synergy for our online ecommerce providers that are selling their goods across multiple platforms. We have increased our integration to also include Xero, and Big Commerce. 

June 2017 – API integration! 

Realising the importance of integration with exisiting systems we began developing a more robust and improved API integrating system that KeepSpace can continue to support our ecommerce users.  

With improving our API along with documentation available we will have greater access to supporting a larger range of users within eCommerce.

Aug 2017 – Past 500 Orders!

This has been an amazing achievement for us to now past 500 orders for KeepSpace!!

With our growing user base to who we have partnered with we have now completed 500 picked and packed orders that we have shipped out from our warehouse across Australia!

Oct 2017 – Sharing to the start up community.

Coming back to present Keep Space to the morning start up community to share about the growing success of Keep Space while sharing with ecommerce businesses how to best market their businesses to a group of targeted markets for their product demographic.

Mar 2018 – Amazon Australia.

We are happy to announce that we can successfully Integrate Amazon Australia into Keep Space allowing orders to enter our system and updates your Amazon account.

May 2018 – Past 5000 Orders!

Boom! 5000 orders in KeepSpace!!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us. Thank you so much for trusting us with your operations.

Aug 2018 – First Ecommerce Event!

For a long awaited request we brought the Users of KeepSpace together to share the good, the bad and the messy side of building an ecommerce business. This event of over 50 people had no holding backs, sharing the wins and the losses. Giving back the human side of this crazy world we call ecommerce. 

Dec 2018 – Sharing Value.

As we are getting to know more and more businesses we realise the importance for informing them about the best practises and improvements to get their business organised for scale.

We had the pleasure to present about ecommerce order fulfilment, SKU management and importing and exporting to the ecommerce community. We also were able to share about the huge market size of China and get local ecommerce businesses excited about their amazing potential just north of where they are located.

Jan 2019 – Relocating Places.

We’re so pumped to share that we are relocating to our new premises as of the 2nd of January. We will be taking possession of a site location that is three times larger then our current placement and that will enable us to expand and grow substantially.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to manage some of the great ecommerce businesses growing out there today.

Mar 2019 – Past 20,000.

20,000 orders out from our KeepSpace Warehouse!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us and a big shout out to the team that shipped them out safely and securely.

May 2019 – Ecom Exp

With the growing community we have began running quarterly events all around ecommerce called the ecommerce experience

This is a partnership with Spacecubed where we are helping build and grow the ecommerce community here in Perth.

Jun 2019 – Overnight Shipping

Creating that WOW experience is critical, and nothing does it more than getting your parcel into the hands of customers next day across the nation.

We have now established the affordable ability to have our users products that are under 5kg into their customers hands next day all over Australia.

Jan 2020 – Version 3 Release

After months of hard work, we have finally finished version three which hold a range of new functions and abilities within our view platform to help ecommerce business make quick and effective decisions within their accounts along with a faster platform from where to roll out future functions.

e-commerce software on ipad

Mar 2020 – Past 50,000.

50,000 orders out from our KeepSpace Warehouse!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us and a big shout out to the team that shipped them out safely and securely.

Sept 2020 – Team Size 16

With the growth of our team from when we started to now 16 amazing people from all different walks of life. We are able to share our values with our local community as well as the users to interact with us daily. Go Team!

Dec 2020 – Past 100,000.

100,000 orders out from our KeepSpace Warehouse!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us and a big shout out to the team that shipped them out safely and securely.

Jan 2021 – Warehouse Extension

Super pumped to our new premises extension where we are as of the 1st of Jan 2021. We have our entire warehouse under our name. Its an amazing achievement to have now a 1,600sqm warehouse floor managed by ourselves for our users within Perth. So grateful to the amazing growth we have had.

Feb 2021 – Our First Dividend

We have had our first financial year that has been a great turn out and in such we have provided back a small portion of it back to our shareholders. Thankfully 96% of all the shareholders are team members that work within KeepSpace we all as so happy to be able to give back to the hard work that the team has done. 

Mar 2021 – Youtube Studio.

Creating quality content is critical to a company to do well in this space and knowing from amazing people who are looking for expansion on the work done in logistics and ecommerce is a very broad topic to cover and so its our focus to be able to help the businesses not only know what we know but to share it in a format that is expected for today.

You click to link to see our content to date and see from our team who we have talked with so far.

October 2021 – Our Admin Panel Software Update

Our team has been working very very hard on our own system to be able to build up and compete against the current leading players in this space for the sole purpose of being able to bring a system that is flexible and supportive to the growing ecommerce community. With the thought of the end in mind.  So in August we will be launching our new Admin Panel, Picking App called Pikrun and our Packing station App called VIN.

Months and months of hard work and function requests have placed this as the focus since last year and now we can expect to finally see this available.

Nov 2021 – Past 200,000!

It took 4 years to hit our first 100k –
and in just 11 months we’ve managed to do it again!

Amazing work from all the companies on the journey with us and a big shout out to the team that shipped them out safely and securely.

The Story Continues

Road Map Ahead

June 2022 – Melbourne Warehouse Opening

For what we have been to do for about 2 years have been set back due to COVID, software challenges, internal policy management and financial growth. To be able to expand yourself in a long term strategy format is certainly a big undertaking. So with our target set in place for our Goals over this financial year this is what we are aiming to make happen with all that we have set up in place to do.