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We combine in-house fulfillment and technology-first software to give you a hassle-free way to manage inventory and ship products.

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Saving search time for that product in your storage place.

  • Know your stock count
  • Low stock alerts
  • Simple restock selection
  • Fast search selection
  • Storage accuracy
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All your orders rolled into one place, picked, packed and shipped off with knowing the updates all along the way. 

  • Start as low a minimum of 4 per month
  • All orders in 1 platform
  • Live order status updates
  • Live tracking links 
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Relieve the stress of operation management, labour hire and time delays.

  • Orders Picked and Packed
  • Orders Tracked
  • Get updates on tracking notifications
  • Clear calculations
  • Accurate data

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Have your order data received to your account and then update back to your systems across an omni channel focus for your fulfilment needs

Manual to Auto

Nathan, founder of Butter Coffee shares on his experience of running his ecommerce fulfilment of his business himself to and the transition to a fulfilment service.

Nathan’s long term partnership with Keep Space ensures that he can trust that all of his orders are fully managed from the moment the order is generated to his customer’s door.

Listen to his story and discover more of the convenience that Nathan has today.

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