About KeepSpace as a Service

What exactly is KeepSpace?

KeepSpace at its core is a technology service that works in supporting the ecommerce sellers by providing a physical location as storage, integration support to enable connection to a range of systems within the ecommerce world and data analytics to provide a clear picture of what is occurring with Australia and the worlds market place of ecommerce transactions.

Where is your storage warehouse?

Our Storage warehouse is located in Bayswater Western Australia.

Can I visit your warehouses?

Yes you can visit our warehouse on organised appointments to ensure security and processes are met on site. Please contact us if you would like to organise an appointment (1800) 818 971.

Where is KeepSpace available?

Our Current Warehouse is in Perth, Western Australia

Our Next Warehouse will be in Melbourne, Victoria that will be opening in 2018

If your interested to get info on the services available in your city please contact us on connect@keepspace.com.au

I have stock in another warehouse. Can you help me relocate everything?


If you are located within one of the cities we are operating in we can personally manage the extraction of your goods out of the warehouse / garage / spare room to our warehouse for processing.

Can I get my stock shipped direct from my manufacturer to you?

Yes, you sure can! It’s simple to set up and become an activate user on our platform and warehouse. When you are within your account, you add in your suppliers details and product an inbound order of the goods that will be arriving from your manufacture and when they arrive we will process them on your behalf.

Get in touch with us to discuss this in more detail.

Setting Up An Account

How do I create my own KeepSpace account?

Click here to create your own space and begin generating products and orders. Effectively, your space can be as large or as small as you need it to be along with the amount of goods you need to ship.

How do I check if this is a viable option for me?

To confirm if KeepSpace is a viable option for you to move your e-Commerce Goods from your personal location to ours is a challenging step for a lot of people who are starting.

The first things to consider are the following.

  1. How many SKUs do I stock at the moment
  2. Does the time I use to fill orders stop me from selling more or being able to grow?
  3. Can I afford to pay someone to do this on my behalf?

If you are able to answer these questions and come to an result that shows that the amount of SKUs you have to manage is time better spent on selling on your website then we can certainly work together.

I do on some weeks a lot of orders and some hardly any... is this an issue?

Not at all

If you are in your early development of your company and you need to focus on getting sales done. We are not a burden to you at the slightest.


How its best recognised compared to others is that we will only charge for work done.

So because of the removal of minimums if you did for the following:

Week 1 – 2 Orders

Week 2 – 0 Orders

Week 3 – 9 Orders

The follow would occur

Week 1 – 2 Orders charge plus storage

Week 2 – storage

Week 3 – 9 Orders charge plus storage

We do not charge you for a minimum amount to match up to a minimum price. Its our intention to help you build and grow and so we are your partner and help in a lot of ways with support and operations 101.

A lot of people who do come on board are normally early day ecommerce users with limited space and so it we help in getting the numbers to work with you as you increase your skills in marketing and sales conversions.

How soon can Keep Space set my company up as a User?

Our standard on boarding process to begin working together is:

  1. Create Account. Creating an Account on our platform is how you state that you agree to our terms and conditions in how we operate.
  2. Add in your SKUs into your account.
  3. Connect your ecommerce and marketplace stores.
  4. Send your first Inbound order to Keep Space with the quantity of stock that will be arriving to be contributing to your created SKUs.
  5. Add your Terminologies on how you like to run operations.
  6. Go Live!

What are the fees involved?

Because there are so many combinations on how operations can be done with ecommerce which can in turn create a range of price matrix’s. We have distilled them to 4 main categories and they are:

  • The Fulfilment of the Order
  • The Storage of the Goods
  • The Integrations of systems
  • The Shipping Cost

Each one can be interchanged in a variable of ways and of the various businesses like Keep Space some will favour one over another.

For Keep Space most of the cost pricing is within the fulfilment of the order and the integration of the systems and not make as much in the storage and shipping costs.

How do I pay for my space and my orders?

When you create an account we will not ask for any financial commitment as its currently not active.

Once you place your first inbound order we will get in contact with you and organise to place in a credit or debit card on file so that those orders will ensure will be paid in a timely manner.

All Invoices are sent weekly and are processed within 24/48 hours after the invoice is sent.

What security is set in place?

Warehouse Security

Our Warehouse is not open to the public and is under 24-hour surveillance. We’ve got it all: cameras, motion detectors, night vision, and alarms. We’re not taking any chances with your personal belongings.

Digital Security

We use the standard HTTPS and we also keep track of every user that tries to log into our system. We protect ourselves from SQL injections and implement strong authentication processes. For payment transactions, we’re working with an authorised merchant facility that guarantees your details and transaction history will be kept secured and confidential.

Managing Your Account

Can you Integrate with Ecommerce Platforms and Marketplaces?

We are integrated with the worlds leading shopping carts and platforms. Click here to see all the platforms we integrate with.

How will Keep Space handle my increasing volume?

Keep Space uses a combination of technology, people power and systems to easily match your growing volume needs. We have a number of warehouses that can be used as your space locations for your goods and be dispatched across Australia and the world.

Are there specific labelling requirements for my SKUs?

We recommend that your goods come pre-barcoded with individual product barcodes and outer carton barcodes.

But we are also aware that while building up and growing this is not always the case. So we do provide barcoding on arrival with the inbound processing phase. This does increase the time it takes to bring your goods into the warehouse for storage and shipping but it ensures that your goods are managed correctly each and every time.

Is there a limit on how much space I can use?

Our current Maximum Space per user is 300m3.

Our current Maximum Shipping Size per order is 800 kilograms.

Shipping Questions

What Postal & Freight Carriers do you use?

Keep Space has very strong relationships with a range of freight/postal companies allowing us to offer you the best price/service according to your needs.

Some of our partners include:

  • Australia Post
  • NZ Post
  • Startrack Express
  • Couriers Please
  • DHL
  • TNT

How do returns work?

Customers can simply return their items at one of 4000 Australia Post offices across the country.

Do you ship Australia-wide?

Yes we do! We ship anywhere that you need your parcels to go. We also have great rates on international shipping.

How long does shipping take?

We have a range of shipping options to suit your individual needs.

Our standard arrangement is for Express Post shipping.

We do have same day delivery options available in a number of metro areas.

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