Ecommerce Experience VII

Social Media Today

With Ming Johanson CEO of Mother of Unicorns

Ecommerce Experience VII

Social Media Today
With Ming Johanson CEO of Mother of Unicorns

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Ming started by sharing the power of the internet. She said she loves the internet. She loves that it creates an incredible amount of opportunity for people to grow their businesses. Ming herself is a great example.

She proceeded to explain the significance of data-driven decisions in scaling online. Your reports and analytics help drive your decisions for the future. Ming gave an example of a successful data-driven decision from one of her clients.

Perfection Chocolates in Sydney was trying to adapt to the pandemic. The chocolatier and owner, John Kapos, was a third-generation chocolatier. The store worked in brick-and-mortar for 80 years. His website was not generating many sales. The website itself had no problems. Ming said he needed to send people to his website. Therefore, they worked together to release an advertisement. It resulted in creating four grand in just two weeks!

Ming presented more data on Perfection Chocolates. As she showed the data, Ming said that measuring data also provides insight into how not everything works. Sales on Boxing Day were lower compared to last year’s Boxing Day. She admitted the mistakes made but also learned from them. They found a new benchmark for their advertising.

You need to decide on a benchmark first when you run a marketing campaign. Don’t be too ambitious and aim for a million dollars.

The next topic was SEO. Ming shared a tip for the ecommerce businesses in the room. She said, “Make sure your product descriptions are not half-assed.” Product descriptions help with your website SEO. When you write them, make sure they reflect your brand and target audience.

Ming provided another tip to reduce bounce rates. Create a loyal community on social media first. Ming and her team found this by coincidence. They were building their marketing agency’s social media. As a result, their followers were all loyal to their brand which reduced their bounce rate to 2%!

Ming briefly went back to the topic of product descriptions. She showed an excellent example from Displates. “It is very detailed, gives customers satisfaction and security in their purchase, [and] gives some useful information.”

Next was about content. According to Ming, “content is still king, social media is queen.” She presented a report from a website where her team was writing blog content on behalf of the owner. The report showed a significant increase in website traffic after starting blog content. You know what to do now. Provide meaningful information adjacent to your ecommerce product! For example, if you sell chocolates, you can write a blog about a recipe.

Ming then showed an example of a successful retargeting campaign. The target audience was herself. She got an email from Displate with a video embedded inside. They went for the 80’s era style, using tunes and visuals from that time. Ming had provided her birthday date before, so they knew what she would like. She thought it was pleasant and spent more money with them.

Lastly, Ming warned the audience that social media and Google are not the Internet. It is only a part of it. She said you must not rely only on one platform. “The opportunity that you have … [on] the Internet is to create multiple touchpoints.”

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