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3 Questions to ask when finding the Right eCommerce Fulfilment Partner

By July 4, 2018September 20th, 2023No Comments

eCommerce fulfilment partners help eCommerce business owners process more sales and satisfy their customers with quick delivery of goods. But how do you know which eCommerce fulfilment partner is right for you and your business?
Here are 3 questions to ask to help you find the right eCommerce partner. So you can spend less time packing orders and more time on the things that matter for you and your business.

1. Will my eCommerce Fulfilment Partner Scale with my business?

Fulfilment partners reduce unnecessary overheads

Scaling your online business in house can be a tiring, stressful and expensive task, especially if you do it wrong. The right eCommerce fulfilment partner should be able to scale up with your business. Scaling with an eCommerce fulfilment partner comes with, lower costs, warehousing, storage and identification facilities for your products and a dedicated team of staff fulfilling orders to your customers. All this without the unnecessary overheads. Winning!

2. Does my eCommerce Fulfilment Partner have the right technological integrations and systems?

The right eCommerce fulfilment partner will have systems such as API integrations which will allow you to completely integrate your store, marketplaces and dropshippers. These integrations will help streamline your orders automate your picking, packing and shipping and automatically update the status of your orders on your store and marketplaces. With out you needing to do anything.

3. Do you care about my business?

This last question is perhaps the most important one to consider. Will your eCommerce fulfilment partner actually be a “partner” that cares about your business. For us at KeepSpace we understand the pain it took to grow your business from nothing to where it is today. That’s why we provide a personalised approach to customer support. So we can build upon what you have started.

What now?

KeepSpace is the home of  eCommerce order fulfilment for growing online stores throughout Perth. We warehouse, integrate and manage eCommerce orders to your customers so you can grow your online business. KeepSpace continues to provide leading services to online stores that want to grow. Contact us today by calling 1800 818 971


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