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Amazon in Australia

By December 1, 2017September 29th, 2020No Comments

Good news, shoppers! Amazon has officially launched its full Australian site just in time for the holiday season.

This is massive news for Australians, especially those who shop online on a frequent basis. If you want to know when Amazon launched, who will be selling, how long delivery will cost, how long orders will take to ship or any other Australian information, here is where you’ll find all the answers.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest Internet retailer and the United States’ most valuable retailer since 2015. It’s also the fourth most valuable public company on the planet (behind Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft).

The tech giant started as a bookstore before dramatically expanding into media downloads and streaming, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, furniture, toys, video games, software, electronics, clothing, shoes, jewellery and even food. The company also offers its own branded electronics: Kindle e-readers, Echo smart speakers, Fire tablets and Fire TV.

Until now, Australians have only had access to Amazon’s range of Kindle books, audiobooks, apps and some games.

When did Amazon launch Australia?

Amazon officially launched it’s expanded Australian website on December 5, 2017.

Amazon was initially tipped to launch in Australia on Friday, November 24 after a soft launch on Thursday, November 23.

The expected launch date would have coincided with Black Friday, a day of widespread sales which mark the start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States. Black Friday has become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years with the rise of online shopping.

Just three days later marks Cyber Monday, a similar but smaller day of sales that is becoming increasingly relevant in Australia.

However, the Australian website remained unchanged until an unexpected launch in early December.

The long-rumoured soft launch of Amazon in Australia was originally confirmed after an email was sent to local sellers on Tuesday, November 21 advising them of the soft launch on November 23.

The email ended with the phrase, “Let’s make history!”

How can I shop online at Amazon?

Amazon’s Australian website was already available at, but it has now been updated with a much wider range of products including clothes, electronics and furniture.

To buy products you will need to head to the Amazon website and create an account.

What products can I buy on Amazon?

Amazon Australia currently offers products in 23 categories, making it possible for shoppers to browse:

  • Music, movies and games
  • Electronics, computer and office
  • Home and kitchen
  • Home improvement
  • Health and beauty
  • Toys, kids and baby
  • Women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing
  • Shoes
  • Sports equipment

After Amazon’s first week in Australia, tech absolutely dominated the top 10 best selling products.

Which retailers will be participating

It’s reported that about 500 retailers will sell through Amazon’s Australian site in its early stages, although it may take some time for it to reach and exceed this number. Smaller sellers in particular may face stock issues until it all falls into a rhythm.

How fast will Amazon deliver products?

We already know that price and product selection are important for online shoppers, but so is the speed and cost of delivery.

There is no clear indication of exact delivery times, but Amazon has made it clear they will be aiming to keep it as low as possible.

It’s reported the tech giant may need to rely on existing delivery services and infrastructure to start with before it potentially builds its own courier service. Some publications have claimed Australia Post is attempting to establish a partnership.

It’s also reported that Amazon Prime will be launching in Australia in mid-2018, which is an annual subscription service offering fast, free delivery and various other perks.

Amazon’s first warehouse has already been established in Melbourne’s outer suburbs, while the company is also reported to have purchased $7 million worth of land in Sydney. It remains to be seen how the current infrastructure will meet short-term demand and what future facilities Amazon plans to establish. The company has already set up corporate offices in several locations across the country.

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