Building an Ecommerce Businessecommerce


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  • Packing slips and shipping labels: Well-integrated systems print packing slips and shipping labels. This feature might require buying an additional module or third-party software.

  • Production tracking: Some systems track an order through production, which is particularly useful if your products involve customization or have a long fulfillment cycle. Customers receive an e-mail when the products they ordered, such as checks or monogrammed towels, enter the production queue. Complex B2B sites integrated with manufacturing systems might allow buyers to track progress on their orders.

  • Shipping confirmation: You can set up your sophisticated storefront to send another e-mail to the customer when a package has shipped. This tells buyers when to expect their order and how to reach you if there’s a problem.

    It offers another opportunity to thank customers for their order, remind them about your return policies, and link them back to your site. It’s also a window for a customer feedback survey, but keep it short!


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