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Online Delivery Options

It’s no secret to readers of our blog, that E-commerce merchants cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to delivery management systems. MetaPack research has shown that the delivery options consumers encounter determine whether or not they click on the “buy” button at checkout; half of the shoppers surveyed, said they abandoned online shopping carts because the delivery options did not meet their needs.

While offering free shipping is important. Today’s consumers expect more. They demand full control of their online retail experience. This includes control over where, when, and how delivery happens. From the choice of delivery options to the ease of the returns process.

If delivery expectations are not met then expect shoppers to shop elsewhere.

So how can online retailers and brands create a positive delivery experience? Consider some of the following.

  • Convenience
  • Personalisation
  • Delivery Loyalty Programs


It’s no secret customers seek convenience, E-commerce stores allow shoppers to shop their favourite brands anywhere at any time. Customers expect a delivery experience which matches this level of convenience. Offering free delivery is important, but offering customers a choice between free shipping and a more convenient delivery option (even if they have to pay for it) is what can separate you from your competition.  This way customers get convenience and choice. 

Here are some delivery options that E-commerce business are using;

  • Home delivery
  • Collect in Store
  • Local pick up point
  • Workplace delivery
  • Locker pickup


It’s not just free shipping and convenience that consumers are after. Personalisation is starting to play a bigger role. Customers expect E-commerce businesses to know who they are and what their needs and wants are when it comes to delivery. This is a difficult request to meet when it comes to new customers. However, by storing preferred delivery arrangements on your site as a default for recurring customers this request can be easily fulfiled.

Delivery Loyalty Programs

For physical retail players loyalty programs, are a way for brands to encourage repeat purchases and brand advocacy. The same can also be said for online stores. The Metapack research mentioned in our introduction says that 79% of consumers surveyed want the E-commerce websites they shop with to offer a loyalty/incentive program so they can benefit from faster/free delivery. Adding to this 86% of these shoppers noted that this membership would incentivise them to shop exclusively with e-commerce sites.


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