Episode 10

Micro vs. Macro Influencer Marketing

Feat. Jason Steel Marketing Manager at The Quick Flick


What is the Quick Flick?
Creating a Product that Solves Problems
The Scaling of your Ecom Business
Shark Tank Effect
Influence Marketing at Quick Flick
The Importance of Spelling
Cont. Influence Marketing
Jason's Call To Action


Jason is a marketing manager at Quick Flick. Their product is an eyeliner that you use by stamping on your eyelids. Quick Flick shows a good example where a person’s solution to their problem develops into an ecommerce business. Let’s take a peek into their journey from Jason’s view.

Jason initially had an interest in makeup before joining Quick Flick. After joining, he learned about the diversity of eye shapes as Quick Flick encourages diversity. They even post tutorial videos showing how to apply Quick Flick for certain eye shapes.

He said he loves how they have created this community. Their customers feel empowered to ask questions as they watch tutorial videos. Sometimes, other customers help and answer their questions. This is an excellent example of engaging with your customers.

Simon asked how the team handled their rapid growth. Their company went from zero to 10 million in terms of valuation. Jason shared what it was like when he joined Quick Flick. He claimed that they were successful at selling due to being well planned and putting effort into their relationship with their customers. They wanted not only to sell but also to give valuable information.

Jason continued and talked about working with the team at Quick Flick. With the help of his connections, he said that the team was fortunate enough to have made good decisions. He shared a tip to find the right team to help identify your business’s needs. For example, if you’re spending hours on customer service instead of marketing, it is a sign to find someone for customer service.

Then, Simon and Jason talked about seeking people who can help solve your problems. Jason said that he liked the idea that there is always someone who can do things better. The reason is that he sees it as an opportunity to learn. Quick Flick also puts up polls for their community to hear their opinions. Another secret behind their success might be their activeness in asking questions and seeking more information.

The next topic is the Shark Tank effect. Jason joined Quick Flick right after their episode was aired. He was amazed at how busy it became and said that it is now the new normal for their business. Their exposure on Shark Tank had given them brand authority and raised their awareness.

However, their marketing strategies also contributed to their success. Simon said their name is easy to remember and say. The logo is also very recognisable. Jason agreed and said how assuring it is that Aussies are very familiar with their brand.

The biggest aspect of their marketing is influencer marketing, which is Jason’s department. Jason said that Quick Flick works with many beauty influencers. This is not limited to Australian influencers but also includes influencers from overseas. Jason claimed that this has been successful. That their brand awareness is gradually growing. Upon expanding overseas, it is crucial to match your marketing context to the culture of the target country.

According to Jason, relationship building is significant upon working with influencers. He said he thinks how you present yourself is important. Not only be professional but also infuse some of your business’s branding. Jason also shared that you have to be persistent and try contacting them in different methods sometimes. Just make sure to show that you are legit so they can trust you, not only your brand.

Lastly, Jason shared the difference when working with massive influencers and micro-influencers. He said massive influencers are a slow burn because you cannot see a quick change in sales. However, micro-influencers show a quick return. Jason claimed it is because people tend to trust them more. It may be because they tend to be closer to their followers.

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