Episode 22

The Power of Data-Driven Sales

Feat. Es Chandra CEO & Founder of Glide Agency


Glide Agency
Trends in the Ecommerce Space
What is a Brand?
Social Media Channels for Ecom
About the Scattergun Approach
Ways to Generate Leads
Is Content still King?
Es's Favourite Marketing Strategy
Es's Call to Action


Es is the founder and director of Glide Agency, a digital marketing agency. Es enjoys working with brands and going through their growth. Companies from various industries come and seek his team’s help. However, Glide Agency’s main customers come from the ecommerce industry.

Simon asked Es about ecommerce trends. Es answered the growth of the ecommerce industry. There was a prediction of approximately four trillion sales in ecommerce globally. Its growth rate had an increase of 10% YOY in Australia alone. Es showed his excitement for the future of this space.

The next topic was tips on starting a new ecommerce business. Es answered that you should focus your marketing on your product and service. He said to do product testing, do your research and get validation. Once you know your demand and market, you can indulge in building your brand.

Simon then asked for Es’s definition of a brand. Es explained that excellent brands always have a core story/message and personality. It draws people who agree with the brand’s direction. As a result, great brands will have a community that shares the same values. Es said if your brand can do this, it will become a powerful and engaging process.

Next, Simon asked about the biggest marketing struggle for ecommerce businesses. Es answered priority. There are a lot of components and data involved in marketing. You will need to analyse your data and get your priorities straight. Ecommerce requires you to do so as it is heavily number-driven. Es also mentioned that many businesses struggle with setting up tracking for analytics.

The topic changed to social media platforms. Simon and Es discussed the best platform for ecommerce. Es said there is no one best platform. You will have to use the platform where you see many of your audiences. Facebook and Instagram were hotspots at the time. However, other platforms have their strengths too.

The two briefly mentioned the scattergun approach. This is where you use multiple social media platforms. They didn’t recommend it because of three reasons. First, you will spread out your resources and not get a high return on investment (ROI). Second, it will be harder to track all of your data. Lastly, it will take more work and effort to create content.

Simon then asked for some ways to start collecting leads. Es answered to make the subscription process easier for the visitor. Use pop-ups and simply ask for an email address. You can also use lead generation ads on social media. He also said that content is still relevant to building leads and traffic. You don’t need tonnes of content, but you need to be on brand and credible.

Es also shared his favourite approach to marketing. He likes to work on a strategy for each section of the marketing funnel. It involves guiding the visitor through an excellent customer journey. Es said he loves to help companies that have a vision of this whole journey.

This episode finished with Es’s call to action. His advice was to seek advice from professionals to accelerate your business. In other words, get a mentor and don’t be afraid to reach out to people.

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