Episode 23

Ecommerce Talks (Part 2)

Feat. William Koo the Ecommerce Fulfilment Wizard


About MailChimp
MailChimp v.s. Kalviyo
Why did MailChimp leave Shopify?
Online Shopping Seasons
About Ecommerce Platforms
To a Cashless Society
Summary of Our Third Event


This impromptu chat started with the topic of MailChimp. At the time, MailChimp and Shopify had broken up. Many of KeepSpace’s users were also reliant on MailChimp and Shopify. William and Simon had also used this email marketing service before. They said their services and pricing were excellent. William even commented that this was a breakup of the century.

The replacement for MailChimp was considered Kalviyo. Kalviyo provides almost the same functions as MailChimp. Its only downfall would be the high cost. However, Simon commented that people would likely be willing to pay that cost.

The next topic was on shopping holidays in Australia. There have been so many new holidays for almost anything. Businesses had taken part in these holidays to increase their sales. Unfortunately, some had taken it too far. There was one case where a company falsely advertised and went into court. Simon and William said businesses should think about the line between copywriting and clickbait.

The two briefly touched on ecommerce platform integrations. Shopify is one of the biggest platforms hosting many plugins and integrations. Their pricing model is also very structured. On the other hand, Alibaba has a group of software providers. They have implemented their original payment software as well. It is interesting to see two successful but different market approaches.

Then they moved on to talk about cashless payments. Cashless payment is a big trend in ecommerce and retail. William commented that China is now a cashless society. He also mentioned Amazon Go and Amazon’s implementations of credit purchasing machines. It works like a vending machine, so people can buy items while waiting for the train.

Lastly, this episode ended with a brief introduction to our third networking event, Ecommerce Experience III.

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