Episode 25

Talking a bit about KeepSpace

Feat. Jesse Emia CEO & Founder of KeepSpace


Melbourne Update
Measuring Success for Ecommerce
Simon's Personal Development
Applying Podcasts for Ecommerce Players
Multi-site Management for Ecom
Don't be Afraid to Fail


Here is another episode with yours truly, Simon Bruno and Jesse Emia. They briefly explained the progress of KeepSpace’s Melbourne expansion. Long story short, they realised they wouldn’t have enough funds to expand both locations. Therefore, they have decided to grow more in Perth first.

They continued on the topic of growth. Simon asked Jesse what his measurements of success are for a business. He answered that one of them is to achieve a full-cost model. Jesse also found that investors look for this as well.

Let’s say that you are working towards a full-cost model. There are two areas in a forecast model. They are the fixed price and the variant prices. Examples of fixed prices include salaries, utility costs and marketing budgets. Variant prices can include costs such as shipping and product acquisition. Try to know these numbers as you try to grow.

This episode took a twist. Jesse asked Simon about his personal development. Simon said he liked meeting many people on the podcast. Each person had a unique story to share. Simon said he would even ask personal questions because they provided so much to learn from.

Simon recommended the audience start a podcast for networking purposes. Once you get to 20 episodes, you start to get known by people in that niche area. He added that it is also the best icebreaker.

The topic moved on to multi-site management. It involves structuring and tailoring your website to different demographics. Those websites usually have multiple languages or country-based pages.

For example, let’s say you sell in the U.S. and Canada. Your websites would end accordingly with .com and .com.ca. Your site will redirect visitors from Canada to the .com.ca site. The visitors can tell that your brand has a Canadian store. Then, they would more likely buy from you because they know it is local. You can also show different products to match the preferences of the country.

Lastly, Simon encouraged the audience to keep going. Don’t be afraid to fail. He referred to a few of our users who have been grinding their businesses. They are all not afraid to fail. Even if they did, they would find a way to fix it. That fear of failure is just a thin curtain blocking the way to success.

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