Episode 26

Environment-neutral Ecommerce

Feat. Lucy Bloomfield CEO & Founder of The Matriarchy


Stopping Trefiel Skincare
Lucy's Perspective on Ecommerce
Where is Ecommerce Heading?
Being Environmentally Responsible
What would Lucy Change about Ecom?
Ecommerce's Impact on the Environment
Examples of Eco-friendly Ecom Biz
Lucy's Call to Action


Lucy is the CEO of 10000 Customers. The company helps businesses by teaching them how to get their first 10,000 customers. Many of her clients have missions such as anti-bullying. They use their ecommerce business to fund that change.

Before this business, Lucy was the co-founder of an ecommerce store named Trefiel Skincare. It was very successful. However, Lucy decided to shut down the business one day.

Her business was going well, and they decided to utilise a 3PL service. Since they had more time, they decided to travel to Cambodia. Lucy had seen many difficulties in the country. However, plastic waste had caught her attention the most. She thought, “I have put hundreds of thousands of plastic packets into the environment to make money. […] I will never, ever, ever be able to take that back.” That was when she decided to shut her ecommerce store down. Lucy gained a new goal. She wanted to be at the forefront of making ecommerce a more environmental-friendly industry.

Simon asked Lucy what was the most exciting thing about ecommerce at the time. She answered that it is not hard to get into the industry. Lucy was excited to see corporate careers enter this industry. She loved seeing them bringing in their deep industry knowledge and product ideas. They not only want to help solve problems, but they also want to build a business of low impact.


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