Episode 4

Ecommerce B2B Marketing

Feat. William Koo the Ecommerce Fulfilment Wizard


The Importance of Networking
Tips on using LinkedIn
Networking on Facebook
Organic Marketing on Facebook
A Multi-channel Approach
Tips for Ecom Biz on User Recruitment
Keep your Message Consistent
Experimenting with Copywriting
Wrap Up


William brought his experience of long-term marketing and networking to this episode of YCTA. They started with the topic of networking on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform that is suited for B2B marketing more than B2C.

Being a pro at connecting, William shared some of his inspiring experiences on LinkedIn. He reminded us that in the end, it is still a social media platform where personal connections are the main point. He also encouraged shy people to give it a go when sending a message to connect with someone.

The two then moved on to Facebook networking. William claimed that one aspect that people are not focusing on is group marketing. If you search properly, there will be groups on Facebook that are relevant to your industry and fit your target audience. Be an authentic brand and reach out to those groups.

The topic stretched to organic ecommerce sales on Facebook. William shared a method called ‘carpet bombing’. When you have quality content that is educational for your audience, add a call to action at the end saying learn more. According to his research, it increases the chance to 43% for people to convert if they’re interested. It doesn’t push them to buy anything, it provides more info on the product of interest.

William also mentioned an offline approach as another distribution channel while you’re a startup. He recommended doing a pop-up store at your local market, as it doesn’t incur any costs to do so. It also adds value to your brand, as customers can directly see you and your product.

Lastly, William and Simon went over the importance of relevance and consistency in your message. William encouraged ecommerce businesses to explore and practice copywriting. Once you get the right words for your unique brand it will come back to you with benefits.

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