Episode 61

Producing content for Ecom brands

With Jai Howitt Founder and CEO of Brand Boostr


Organic vs. Manufactured content
When should you invest more into content?
How he got into Ammo Marketing
Environmental consciousness; it's here to stay
Long-term content creation vs. Short-term ad spend
Authenticity and Clickbait trends
Jai is starting an ECOM brand (We're the first customer!)
How do you know if your product will be successful?
Call to Action: You can't go wrong with more content


Jai’s content marketing journey started when he was 16. Instagram was the big wave at that time. Jai enjoyed taking photos and posting them on his Instagram account too. At 17, he started creating content for other smaller businesses. He started taking a professional camera and became a freelancer for a while.

After a period of being a freelancer, Jai wanted to start an agency. There was a period of trial and error. He ended up focusing on content creation for ecommerce businesses. Brand Boostr now has twelve extraordinary members assisting in creating product content.

Jesse asked Jai about choosing clients. Jai admitted that he took on any work that came his way at the start. Most new businesses would likely do that to grow their business. Then, there will be a point where you hit “a meaningful level of growth”. You would start thinking about the people you work together. You might be able to say no to people when you think they don’t match. There might be a certain group of people you truly want to help. Jai said Brand Boostr was transitioning to that stage.

The next topic was about investing in content. Jesse asked Jai when is the best time to invest in content. Jai answered based on his client base. He found businesses with the following traits are likely ready to invest:

  • Understands their large need for content in their growth
  • Is willing to pay a certain amount for contents
  • Passes the benchmark of around seven figures a year
  • Sells a unique product

Jai then shared his thoughts on the personalised advertisements. He explained how Facebook Ads are more difficult to use now. Many people opt out of tracking, making it harder to track sales. It is also harder to get their ads to their target audience. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect Jai’s business. They still have to be creative and make engaging content.

Next, Jesse and Jai compared long-term content and short-term content.

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