Episode 62

Think twice before it costs your business

With Charlotte Berthet Co-founder and Creative Director at concept on


Moving to Perth/ wanting more creative freedom
Marketing vs. Design
Meeting Josh Grapes and starting concept on
What was it like being a startup?
From employee to Director, responsibilities of both
Client expectations with branding agencies
Expanding the team - when and how should you do it?
Always plan the details , it'll cost your business less
The Key to a good Landing Page


Charlotte came from France with a background in design and marketing. She always found it frustrating seeing marketers not knowing graphic design. She claimed that you have to know the principles of visual communication to achieve it in marketing. Otherwise, you can’t understand the work of the graphic designer.

Jesse asked Charlotte the line between marketing and design. She answered that there is no clear boundary between the two areas. By her definition, marketing involves thinking of the text and feelings of the ad/banner. A designer would receive that information and create as informed. Charlotte had experienced both sides of both worlds. However, she preferred to have her creativity at the centre of her responsibility.

Charlotte eventually met Josh Grapes, her business partner. She wanted to split her role, and her employer had given her the green light. Josh had applied for the marketing manager role. They started working together. After a while, they decided to start their branding company.

Their startup had started smoothly. Charlotte and Josh shared the same values. They had complementary skills and worked well together. Their employer was also on board, as he was an entrepreneur with many brands. He also helped them with his entrepreneurial skills.

Becoming a director involved much learning for Charlotte. She learned to understand the overview of bookkeeping and human resources. She re-confirmed that the most consuming task is dealing with clients. Managing their expectations is the hardest part of it.

Jesse then asked how concept on built leads. Fortunately, they already had five or six companies regularly requesting jobs. Therefore, they had the leisure to generate leads by explaining branding. They would also think of a branding structure for the potential client. After explaining, the team would ask the potential client if they are interested. They went in the educational direction.

The next topic was about expanding the team. After giving much thought to it, Charlotte and Josh decided to find a “mini” version of themselves. They prioritised looking into the candidates’ attitudes and values. Skills can come later. Jesse agreed with their approach. He said it is easier to teach skills than teach a different mindset.

Charlotte shared one of her early failures running her business. There were times when her client didn’t have a proper plan. They would make changes in between and stretch the deadline. She advised the audience to make a plan with their clients to save costs and time. Clients need to do thorough ‘thinking’, then leave the ‘doing’ to third-party services.

Lastly, Jesse asked for tips on building an excellent landing page. Charlotte advised thinking of a page as a funnel. You need a hook to grab the attention of the visitor. Lead them down the page like a funnel. If it was a product page, explain how the product can be beneficial. Next, be more technical and show more details. The end of the page should have a conversion point. Continuing on the product page example, the end of the funnel would be “buy now”. Make sure your images and copywriting also reflect your brand message and values.

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