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If you start a new business with low Investment. Its a good thing that you have decided to start a business of your own other than working under some corporate or any other companies. I appreciate your way of thinking.

You wanna know what business you need to get start. Before knowing it just go through some websites which does online business. you may find many online business nowadays because most people love to buy or sell something online. They don’t wanna get out and buy or sell the products. Nowadays Everyone wants everything to be done within a smartphone.

So what business you may start online which includes the usage of web and mobile app. There are many suggestions you may get to name few you can’t start an booking website where your customers wont buy or sell any products but they can book their accommodations, travel, or anything. This type of business doesn’t need any Products and it is possible with a mobile app.

Or, you can start a website like Amazon or Ebay or something where you can get many vendors to list their products on your website. Whenever a customer buys or whenever a vendor sells a product you may get the commission for their transaction but here the platform will be yours. This business is also very much possible with a mobile app.

Or, you may start a dating app to gather peoples and get them closer with their mutual interest. Here whenever a user signups as Premium member you earn revenue and also you may allow other business peoples to place ads on your dating app and make more profit. This type of business is only possible with Apps.

Like wise there are many other business like Food ordering, Fashion shopping, Social Shopping and so on. I could go on explaining all but lemme jump to the point here.

There is a lot more business you can start with your own idea but what ever business plan you have you got to do it online because online is the only chance you could reach more people.

To start any online business you may first need the script for the particular business to get live. Those script are must be done with your own business plan and upon your wish. This may make you think where to get those script for your business right?

You know what these can all be done within the half of your budget and you can use your remaining half for promotions ads and marketing of your business.

So that’s a small idea which can be improved a lot if you gave it a try. Am damn sure that these will be really helpful to you. After all, Its just an opinion take it or leave it. Totally unto¬†you.