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Dynamic Duo Teams Partner Up

After a month and a half, BlackRoll Australia has partnered up with KeepSpace.

From three meetings together and seeing how both operated, KeepSpace and BlackRoll were able to find a strong synergy in both companies to support each other in their strengths.

With both agreeing to the process, BlackRoll and KeepSpace hit the ground running by bringing their stock to the forefront of 3PL integration. The level of service KeepSpace gave to BlackRoll benefited them with the time boost that they were looking for to be able to build their company to the next level.

This partnership came to be as we identified the ability to take on the order fulfilment using the latest API integration systems and automated approaches for order fulfilment. With an average of two to three hours each day at a self-storage unit fulfilling orders, it showed the prime opportunity.

In the view of KeepSpace, we knew that his outstanding products were able to be effectively be shipped in Australia wide covering the low weight minimums that made this business model a fantastic fit for us to help build and grow with him.

Director of BLACKROLL Australia, Christoph Heppeler said: “It’s a fantastic service because it’s so easy to be able to manage my orders from our office now and cut out the driving and shipping.

“I have high hopes that this will be a great partnership that we will both benefit from.”

Our DYNAMIC duo teams are making waves in the fitness industry with Chris’s Black Rollers continues to sign up big names such as the Wallabies with training, physic and recovery tools, KeepSpace will continue to innovate and improve the automation of order fulfilment for ecommerce businesses within Australia.

KeepSpace is very excited to see how BIG BlackRoll becomes here in Australia, we genuinely hope the best for them in their business development.


2020 Update: Take a look at Christoph’s testimonial and see how well BlackRoll is doing with KeepSpace.