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Our software was built by our own people, fully taking in the conversations we've had with people just like you.




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Order Summaries

We offer access to a clear and professional layout of your orders from your multiple online stores.

An example of a summary page for an order on KeepSpace's 3PL platform. Shows customer and address info, order SKUs and shipping info.

Live Order Statuses

Check on your order progress live with our order statuses. Tracking links for each order are also available.

An example of live order status stamps on each order that is on KeepSpace's platform. This shows a 'shipping' status and a 'processed' status.

Internal Chat

No more searching inside your email inbox folder. You can chat with us directly in the order you need help.

An example of KeepSpace's internal chat available within each order on our 3PL platform.

Clear Pricing

A clear breakdown of fulfilment prices is available for each order to help you grow your company.

An example of a circle graph on KeepSpace 3PL's user platform showing the margin and cost ratio.

Product Bundles

Link your online store’s bundles on our platform, preventing missing components from your bundle orders.

An example of a bundle SKU on KeepSpace's 3PL platform. Shows the product SKUs that make up the bundle and how many sets are available for selling.

Product Details

See your products in full detail, from stock levels to customs details. Available in both mobile and desktop.

An example of the SKU/product information page on KeepSpace's 3PL platform, showing product details and stock levels.

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Beautiful functionality with less work

Our software was built by our own people after thousands of conversations with people just like you for the things you want.
Simple, clean and easy to navigate on.

A dashboard of KeepSpace's 3PL order management platform from user side.

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Experience the Tour

8:30 duration

Clear Orders

Not all 3PL order systems are created equal, KeepSpace offers access to a clear professional layout of your orders from your multiple online sources that you sell on to have a range of functions available to you.

  • See clearly all your order information in depth
  • Click on your tracking link to see where it got shipped out
  • Chat with us directly inside the order
  • Have clear pricing across the services utilised


In 2024 It’s important to be able to breakdown a Bundle from your ecommerce site to our system in the warehouse to make it easier to process online orders. We can do:

  • Bundles of multiple SKUs of single quantity
  • Bundles of the same SKU of multiple quantity
  • Bundles of multiple SKUs and multiple quantity

Clear Pricing

See clearly what the price of the order is with KeepSpace. No guessing its about or complex pricing models just simple clear numbers to help you grow your company.

  • Supportive calculations to help on pricing
  • Simple breakdown across the services used
  • Clarity on your margin from products sold

Product View

Friendly on both desktop and mobile view, See your products in full detail, how many are stocked away, how large they are on cost of retail supplier pricing to support your international shipments door to door.

  • Clear dimension details
  • Auto generated barcodes for barcode less products
  • All your warehouses stocked
  • See what is in hold in your multiple box sizes

Simplify your Management Today.