Prepping your orders

Each order is unique, requiring that special touch to show how much you care. We go that extra mile and prep your e-commerce orders to perfection.

Presentation matters

These are just some of the ways we prep orders

Personalised Messages

Add a personal touch to your product.

Compiling Components

Need a product assembled? We got you.

Bundle Creation

Bundle together multiple products into one.

Marketing Material

Want to give your customer more information about a product? We'll add that for you.

Adding a final touch



Special occasion for a special person ? We understand how important and the simple pleasures in life, we can include personalised messages to be included to your order for that special person just to make their day a little special.



Order have multiple components and need some help in organising before sending out ? Do not worry, we can help in organising and compiling the components together



Do the things that matter to you most and let us handle the rest ! We understand the time needed for bundle creation and management, we can help with that so that you can focus more on what matters most. Bundling improves the opportunity for conversion by introducing some of your top selling items.



Branding is important for you, we can help you to promote your brand by including personalised marketing materials provided by you to be included into all your orders or specific marketing campaigns.

We Help E-commerce Businesses Grow