The Faces of the Team

Meet our hard-working team who’s making your ecommerce a reality

Profile of Jesse Emia, our CEO/Founder

Jesse Emia

Chief Executive Officer

Jesse holds 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, within three business prior to KeepSpace. His skills stretch far from management to design/development, each at a high level. The list ranges from designing to financial forecasting, and more.

Some of his biggest accomplishments are building a company from zero to a million dollars, starting up a team and achieving a 80%+ of detailed project requirements.

Jesse’s passion to support ecommerce users to have their freedom and focus is what drives him. He loves the people, projects, goals and large aspirations that he gets to see in this industry.

With his favourite hot chocolate in hand, he stands as the Executive in KeepSpace’s office.

Profile of Vien Emia, the Co-founder and Operations Manager

Vien Emia

Chief Operations Officer

As the co-founder, Vien started her journey with KeepSpace from 2016.

She is the backbone of the company, overseeing orders, account management, book keeping and customer service. Her favourite quote, "Action speaks louder than words, " reflect her altruistic and hard-working personality.

Vien's super power is her commercial administration and business operations skills, managing her team in the KeepSpace warehouse and ensuring that customer experience enquiries are covered at a high level between her and her team.

She loves to spend her share of quiet time at home, whether it’s in front of the television or in the snuggly bed. Her favourite food is finger food, which fits well to accompany her quiet time.

Profile of William Koo, our Ecommerce Fulfilment Wizard and Sales

William Koo

Operations and Sales Support

William is passionate in supporting growing companies. KeepSpace was one of them, and he decided to join in KeepSpace’s quest to help other growing businesses.

He brings a sense of flexibility to help across a range of areas, utilising his skills such as storytelling, building positive customer relationships, and problem-solving.

As a self proclaimed Ecommerce Fulfilment Wizard (Business Developer), his aim is to make logistics fun for businesses, and to open their mind to new ideas.

One of William’s hobbies is fishing, and his top three catches are squid, pink snapper and mackerel. His hobby stretches to his bucket list, where he wants to fish in the middle of the ocean while riding on a boat.

Profile of our Tech Lead, Simran Sawhney

Simranjeet Singh Sawhney

Technical Lead

Simran spearheads our development team, which involves coding, system designing and team management. He utilises his knowledge of software architecture and past experience as a Lead Software Developer.

His knowledge spreads deep and wide to several different industries, which helps him to provide great customer satisfaction for a wide variety of needs.

His aims within KeepSpace are to improve the coding standard, modularity and system design. On his way to achieving this, he is facing the personal assignment of knowing more about system architecture.

An item on his bucket list is to organise NGO at a bigger scale in order to serve stray animals and abandoned elderly people, which aligns with his personality type as a Defender.

Profile of Jamadil Raman, our Warehouse Operations

Jamadil Raman

Warehouse Operations

Jamadil has studied in the Bachelor of Logistics and Supplies Management, and gained 20 years worth of experience in the aviation industry. He is now challenging himself by entering the warehousing industry at KeepSpace.

Jamadil is in the Operations Team. He is a fast learner, picking up the skills required within the warehouse.

As a highly organised individual, he is utilising his ability to the fullest, while providing excellent ideas that originate from his past experience.

Outside of work, he likes to play football (soccer) and badminton. One of the places he would like to visit is Manchester Club Stadium, a football stadium located in the United Kingdom.

Profile picture of Ania Czekaj, our Ruby Developer

Ania Czekaj

Ruby Developer

After finishing her coding course, Ania met KeepSpace and joined the Development Team as a Ruby Developer. Since then, she has greatly upgraded her skills.

"It's not what happens to you but how you react that matters." With this quote in her heart, Ania develops flexibly in response to the customers' requests. She also excels at understanding others' needs and trying out new ideas in order to provide new features.

Originally from Poland, 5 years have passed since she moved to Australia and she still loves the bright sunlight and warm weather.

Some of the items on her bucket list include: walking Kokoda Track, climbing one (or more) of the Seven Summits mountains, completing (or attempting) an Ironman Triathlon and seeing the Coral Reef.

Shweta Matkar

Front End Developer

With 8+ years of experience in UI development, Shweta has joined KeepSpace to provide her skills in the Development Team.

Also with a educational background of Information and Technology, she provides solutions that ensures a user-friendly interface. Her patient and hard-working personality also adds to the great efficiency in her work.

Her favourite quote is "Keep smiling," and there are three things that brings a smile to her face when outside of work. Those are reading novels, travelling, and eating delicious food. After quarantine, Shweta dreams of exploring the wide continent of Europe.

Ian Abenoja


In KeepSpace, Ian is utilising his skills to create awesome content for our channels. With his experience as a freelancer, Ian is challenging himself to a different kind of creativeness.

Ian sets up the filming equipment and edits content, such as podcasts and snippets and more. His next aim is to study more about cinematography and After Effects to enhance the content. Ian is also very excited to use and build up our new filming studio!

His love for photography has led him to pursue it as a career. Besides holding the camera, Ian also enjoys holding a game console. His top three games are Minecraft, Apex Legends, and Cyberpunk.

Profile of Chie Morimoto, our Marketing Intern

Chie Morimoto

Marketing & Operations Assistant

As a marketing and operations assistant, Chie is learning more about the 3PL industry. She is working on improving her skill set in both areas.

She has just graduated university with a double major of Linguistics and Communications and Media Studies. Chie is enjoying her work at KeepSpace, gaining experience in the field she is interested in and applying knowledge from her studies.

Her long continuing hobby is writing stories, as she herself loves reading. One day, she wishes to stay at a Japanese-style inn and focus on writing up an original story, which she will self-publish one copy for herself.

A vibrant work culture that flows with creativity is our secret