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The Secret Question That Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

By August 29, 2019July 23rd, 2020No Comments

One of the keys to a successful online business is customer satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction = customer retention. Customer retention = a growing customer base and positive word of mouth which then = MASSIVE profits.

So what makes a customer satisfied with your E-commerce business?

A great product? A great price? A great brand?

Yes all these things are important but there is one thing that trumps them all.

Customer Experience!

In fact, Walker Consulting predicts that experience will be the key differentiator by 2020. Not the price nor the product. The Experience.

Customer experience is the new marketing battlefront.

Chris PembertonGartner

The most successful E-commerce merchants spend time on making the customer experience as enjoyable as possible. Focusing on everything from the website experience to the product experience to the customer service experience.

But even the most successful online brands are overlooking one vital part of the customer experience. The delivery experience.

When talking about “delivery experience” we are not talking about offering free delivery or express delivery to your customer but the actual delivery experience from when you send the product to your customer to when they actually recieve it.

This is often overlooked by e-commerce merchants because the delivery experience is outsourced to a courier company.

However, even though the delivery experience is outsourced there is still alot you can do to impact the delivery experience.

Your couriers are your retail assistants the more information you give them about the delivery the better the experience will be.

This leads us to the secret question.

The Secret Question

Here we go the secret question. Are you ready for it?

Ask at the checkout once the order is confirmed and on the day it will be recieved how would you like to recieve this order?

Easy right?

It is seriously that simple.

There is nothing worse than getting that dreaded piece of paper from AusPost that says “we came by but you weren’t home. Your order is now at your local post office.” (sigh)

So ask your customer is it ok to leave it in a safe spot? Are you going to be home today? Do you want to pick it up at the post office?

Asking these questions show that you care about your customer and improve the delivery experience. Below is an example of a message that you can send to your customer using Auspost.

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